Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life lesson 8

We can use the creation, but not depend on them but Him. Allah told Musa, the same stick you use to lean on can turn into snake that bites you.

We act. We strive. We put our effort. But remember, We have NO power of the results. The results are from Allah. Work hard, but trust HIM.

The people who loves you today and hurts you tomorrow, may love you again the day after. It's all in Allah's control. He controls our hearts.

Prophet Adam scrambled to find his love, Hawwa (Eve), that he walked almost half the globe! Which novel beats that love story?

The heart is the actual lens of how we understand the world. If the lens are dirty, we can't see the world clearly. We must clean those lens

When we are far from Allah, the heart becomes hard. When the heart becomes hard, the eyes become dry.

"When you let go something for the sake of Allah, Allah will always give it back to you in a better form" -YasminMogahed

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